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Wonder at the splendour and mystique of the Yapahuwa Fortress from the comfort of Hotel Yapahuwa Paradise.

He, a German gentleman, who looked for some nice place with a little bit of culture thrown in, one day found this heavenly paradise hidden among the thickets and forests of the North Central province. So, the German investors and Sri Lankan enthusiast gahtered to crate this wonderful concept of another Paradise inside the paradise island. Still you can eyewitness why this German Gentleman was fascinated by the nature trail hidden inside this ancient kingdom. There were no doubts for him to give this Paradise a name, as it was soon be located in the heart of ancient kingdoms. Owning a majority of a cheerful staff co-ordinated by an excellent management, this wonderland was born with all the four star luxuries you all now experience at “Yapahuwa Paradise”. We want you to feel the same thing that he felt precisely in the year of 1972.


Welcome to the Hotel Yapahuwa Paradise

Yapahuwa is an ancient kingdom, which is very famous for its marvelous rock with a height of 90 meters and situated at Kurunegala, North Central Province of Sri Lanka. So, you are always allowed to experience the impressive aspects of the kingdom, which was established by the king Buvanekebhahu - remnants of the ancient capital of the kingdom established in the pre- Christian era of 13th century, citadels,fortresses, shrines, monasteries, hermitages, Buddhist temples, walls and moats. And also you can eye witness the historical monuments of pre- Christian and later European colonial periods. It is said that once, the Tooth Relic was brought fromKothmalaya and kept in a place built on the rock at Beligala, because of the conquest of the South Indian ‘Magha”. You have an approach just around the corner to the other earlier established kingdoms such as, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. We can always assure another fact- you are in the center of access to number of places like, Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla Golden temple and rock, peradeniya botanical gardens, Pinnawala elephant orphanage and rafting locations at Kitulgala.

“Yapahuwa Paradise” will always make your way to have a happy and comfortable stay at this ancient kingdom, which has the ever remarkable attractive flight of steps, giving you boundless merriment to feel yourself at home throughout your stay. The state of the art nature of our Paradise provides each and every guest a nicer charming environment to breath in, followed by a radiant welcoming smile from our crew at anytime of the day.

At a place with the maximum provision of exciting sightseeing for you all, Yapahuwa Paradise will create you opportunities to experience classical masterpieces of Sinhala Art and craft wall paintings, wood work and much more. It’s quite clear to anyone who drops in at Yapahuwa Paradise that you are fortunate enough to feelthe archeological values wonderfully bounded together with the natural beautyespecially designed for you, through a personal balcony with a panoramic view, for each room, furnished to international standards. Inside this Paradise you can have whatever you want, as we have arranged all the guest facilities with so many indoor games and a Without doubt you can experience numerous mouthwatering European dishes and Classical cuisine amazingly blended with Asian flavors.This wonderland wills all the time is excellent enough to provide you the ever-best moments to share at banquets too. There is something for you to keep you healthier during your stay: “The Ayurvedic Maho”- we have all the Spa facilities right here to refresh your body. You can even take a ride by a bicycle! Why wait if this is your go hanging at a thread to experience? So many memories are there to walk away with in your return, full of nature trails even for bird watching. On one hand it has never-ending luxurious facilities and on the other hand you can see that culture which is still being preserved.